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We have advocated the G20 declare a state of emergency – isolate all flights and all travel between effected nations – massive media to preclude travel leakage – and 20,000 in nations from G20 with most massive humanitarian protection effort in modern history – anything less and the world as we know it – and all problems we think are global – become insignificant. The world financial system is dying with each Ebola contagion – as SUPER CRASH is about to hit everyone – right on the forehead as we have been saying for MONTHS AND MONTHS…..but the leadership of SHAME globally has been distracted by stupidity so chronic they won’t wake up from they day dreams until the ATLAS SHRUGGED MOMENT – folks Atlas HAS Shrugged – and now this:

A leading doctor who risked his own life to treat dozens of Ebola patients died Tuesday from the disease, officials said, as a major regional airline announced it was suspending flights to the cities hardest hit by an outbreak that has killed more than 670 people.

Dr. Sheik Humarr Khan, who was praised as a national hero for treating the disease in Sierra Leone, was confirmed dead by health ministry officials there. He had been hospitalized in quarantine.

Health workers have been especially vulnerable to contracting Ebola, which is spread through bodily fluids such as saliva, sweat, blood and urine. Two American health workers are currently hospitalized with Ebola in neighboring Liberia.

The Ebola outbreak is the largest in history with deaths blamed on the disease not only in Sierra Leone and Liberia, but also Guinea and Nigeria. The disease has no vaccine and no specific treatment, with a fatality rate of at least 60%.

Binyah Kesselly, chairman of the Liberia Airport Authority board, said police are now present at the airport in Monrovia to enforce screening of passengers.

“So if you have a flight and you are not complying with the rules, we will not allow you to board,” he said.

In a statement released Tuesday, airline ASKY said it was temporarily halting flights not only to Monrovia but also to Freetown, Sierra Leone. Flights will continue to the capital of the third major country where people have died — Guinea — though passengers departing from there will be “screened for signs of the virus.”

Passengers at the airline’s hub in Lome, Togo also will be screened by medical teams, it said.

“ASKY is determined to keep its passengers and staff safe during this unsettling time,” the statement said.

The measures follow the death Friday of a 40-year-old American man of Liberian descent, who had taken several flights on ASKY, causing widespread fear at a time when the outbreak shows no signs of slowing in West Africa.

Patrick Sawyer, who worked for the West African nation’s Finance Ministry, took an ASKY Airlines flight from Liberia to Ghana, then on to Togo and eventually to Nigeria where he was immediately taken into quarantine until his death.

His sister had died of Ebola though he maintained he had not had close physical contact with her when she was sick. At the time, Liberian authorities said they had not been requiring health checks of departing passengers in Monrovia.

The World Health Organization says the risk of travelers contracting Ebola is considered low because it requires direct contact with bodily fluids or secretions such as urine, blood, sweat or saliva, experts say. Ebola can’t be spread like flu through casual contact or breathing in the same air. THE HUGE LIE. Ebola spreads when air droplets from SWET – coaching – sneezing – belching – bleeding from every hole you have – is suspended in the air and you breath that suspension – Ebola is so out of control it isn’t even funny. When it hit planes who tracked the multi stop and THOUSANDS of passengers spreading it – who? Because no teams did or can.


Patients are contagious only once the disease has progressed to the point they show symptoms, according to the WHO. And the most vulnerable are health care workers and relatives who come in much closer contact with the sick. We believe that is a lie. NO ONE KNOWS when the person is infections. Their cough or sneeze droplets. NO ONE KNOWS that time period – no one. That is the truth. Shame on media for reporting such SPIN shame on you – humanity is at risk.

Still, the early symptoms of Ebola — fever, aches and sore throat — mirror many other diseases including malaria and typhoid, experts say so unknown case numbers are occurring – being treated at home or not accurately diagnosed by local health centers in poor nations. Only in later stages of Ebola do patients sometimes experience severe internal bleeding and blood coming out of their mouth, eyes or ears. ( Like almost always ).

At the Finance Ministry where Sawyer worked, officials announced they were temporarily shutting down operations. All employees who came into contact with Sawyer before he left for Nigeria were being placed under surveillance, it said. DO YOU FEEL THE PANIC “YET” …..

In West Africa medical facilities are scarce and some affected communities have in panic attacked the international health workers trying to help them.

Despite the heightened precautions and reassurances from health workers, many Liberians said they were still fearful of contracting Ebola through casual contact. Because they are smart and the spin is not working. GOOD !!!

Garmie Gayflor, a hotel waitress, said that poverty made Liberians especially vulnerable. The country was battered by back-to-back civil wars between 1989 and 2003.

“One does not have a car, and they say sweat from one affected person affects the others,” she said. “We have six to seven persons riding in the back of a taxi or bus.


( we promised to keep your families ahead of this – and we continue to be the source to do just that )




By December they will know though as all the cases begin to pop up in Asia, in the EU and in North and South America. We have advocated since March 20,000 be sent to Africa before FOUR NEW NATIONS were infected – and the borders sealed and planes stop – zero flights total isolation. We believe today – Africa itself should be isolated until this plague burns out – we are talking about 2 BILLION DEATHS – we have 1000 deaths the Palestinians are suffering – in Africa from Ebola – but there is no cease fire – no true – in this HUMANITY KILLER -

Today we have 150 health workers from WHO in four countries – trying to track and control the spread of the most contagious fatal human health hazard on the planet into cities of tens of millions. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. Since February we have cranked it to 150 health care workers. We need 20,000 health care and support workers and yesterday is already to late. The President of the United States needs to lead an emergency G20 CONFERENCE to advance SPEED AS THE NEED to contain this global plague. This is not a flu in a distant nation. This is an extinction event coming to us on airplanes – by sea – by rail – by bus – by panic. WATCH and KEEP SCORE – where is the EBOLA CLOCK on global media? WE called for that in February. No one has a plan. The grown ups have left the building?

As soon as private equity and hedge funds and banks understand the scope of this humanity game changer the markets will SUPER CRASH and safe haven investments will skyrocket. We told you this early enough to protect yourself. If you think the financial panic is not close at hand – think again is our motto for your security. Think about it.
If it spreads and CEOSPACE hosts a meeting August 19th – to detail plans for guests on this – all small business owners as to what to DO – WHEN not IF – all transportation to all cities and states ceases under Marshal Law – where life and economics and markets as we know it cease – which is why a month ago we suggested you SELL OUT OF EQUITIES at the PEAK before the EBOLA SUPER CRASH we have so long predicted on this blog cite takes hold.

Why is global media not:


1. Leading off with an EBOLA CLOCK

2. Making EBOLA the lead story

3. Of the multiplex of crises facing the world while America retires from its singular role as Super Power and World Policeman – into  G20 Consensus – the FOCUS on the BIG PICTURE for humans everywhere is being diluted by mini crises that have no importance to billions of us ( really ) by comparison to the EBOLA story.

4. This blog cite read by media has become the shout into the wind elevating stories until the report below – front page on CBS today – finally IS FRONT page for the first time in America -

5. We call on all world media to focus – to FRONT PAGE the EBOLA CLOCK AND STORY until the G20 place 20,000 assets into the mix t0 to lock down and control the evil ancient enemy – that the highest experts on the planet are literally terrified of – increasingly getting health care workers dying by RECORD PERCENTAGES into the mix – is becoming impossible due to the fear factor and stats.

The isolation wards need to be dramatic and negative pressure units – the pre fab isolation wards in Africa spread the illness to those who may not have it – and to the workers – the isolation today is a JOKE on 2 BILLION HUMANS about to die – nothing will impact the world – like the EBOLA STORY and yet we are focused on isolated pocket problems versus universal global threats to everyone single one of us and our children and grandchildren. Since February we have been screaming this story and our predictions to the world.  We now predict:


1. Containment is too late

2. Ebola has reached planes and is spreading world wide

3. We are playing serious catch up

4. World transportation will need to stop for a month at least to secure the outbreak

5. G 20 and then G100 must sign on board to isolate movement to secure the illness before 2 BILLION DIE and the panic is beyond nations to control.

We believe next February is the critical mass date of the illness now so out of control. Read all our blogs and see the pathology of indifference damning so many to horrible death.

The economic and interdependence of the world is now under threat from the ancient killer of all societies – we are fiddling while Rome is burning and now this: ( spread the word for me and share this blog site ) – we’ll keep a light on for you – if it were “me” I”d ioin CEOSPACE August 19th – the cooperative community you forge may be your entire life saver to follow – knowledge you see – is POWER and it is LIFE itself in this plague ….read Kevin Freeman’s GAME PLAN because – the FREE WORLD has no GAME PLAN – as in NONE – you must develop your own GAME PLAN and Kevin outlines HOW in his best selling book released this year…scoll:

Two U.S. citizens are now reported to be infected with the deadly and incurable Ebola virus in West Africa. Ebola has spread to four nations in four months with no containment or control in site. It has now reached airplanes.

The first American reported to have contracted the disease is an American doctor working with Ebola patients in Liberia, who tested positive for the deadly virus, North Carolina-based Samaritan’s Purse issued said in a news release on Saturday.

The second person who reportedly tested positive for Ebola is a woman employed by an aid organization in Liberia who is a married mother of two.

In a statement on Sunday, Samaritan’s Purse said: “Nancy Writebol is employed by SIM in Liberia and was helping the joint Samaritan’s Purse/SIM team that is treating Ebola patients at the Case Management Center in Monrovia.”

Writebol’s age and hometown have not been released at this time.

Dr. Kent Brantly assists two ELWA Hospital staff in transporting an Ebola patient from the triage unit to the isolation unit in the rain on Tuesday July 22, 2014, in Liberia.

Earlier, Samaritan’s Purse said Dr. Kent Brantly tested positive for the disease and was being treated at a hospital in Monrovia, Liberia. Brantly is the medical director for the aid organization’s case management center in the city.

Brantly, 33, has been working with Samaritan’s Purse in Liberia since October 2013 as part of the charity’s post-residency program for doctors, said the group’s spokeswoman Melissa Strickland. The organization’s website says he had worked as a family practice physician in Fort Worth, Texas.


Face to face with deadliest Ebola outbreak ever

The highly contagious virus is one of the most deadly diseases in the world. The current outbreak is the largest ever recorded. It is not one – it is THE most deadly by FAR plague to ever hit humanity – as in EVER and it is HERE our worst FEAR !!!!

Photos of Brantly working in Liberia show him in white coveralls made of a synthetic material that he wore for hours a day while treating Ebola patients.

Brantly was quoted in a posting on the organization’s website earlier this year about efforts to maintain an isolation ward for patients.

“The hospital is taking great effort to be prepared,” Brantly said. “In past Ebola outbreaks, many of the casualties have been healthcare workers who contracted the disease through their work caring for infected individuals.”

Strickland says that Brantly’s wife and children had been living with him in Africa, but they are currently in the U.S.

A woman who identified herself as Brantly’s mother answered a U.S. phone listing for him, but said family members are declining comment at this time.

Dr. Kent Brantly (right) collects a blood sample from a suspected Ebola patient in the ELWA isolation ward in Liberia.

The deadly disease has killed at least 672 in several African countries since the outbreak began earlier this year.

One of Liberia’s most high-profile doctors died of Ebola, a government official said Sunday, highlighting the risks facing health workers trying to combat the deadly disease.

Dr. Samuel Brisbane is the first Liberian doctor to die in an outbreak the World Health Organization says has killed 129 people in the West African nation. A Ugandan doctor working in the country died earlier this month.

The WHO says the outbreak has also killed 319 people in Guinea and 224 in Sierra Leone.

Brisbane, who once served as a medical adviser to former Liberian President Charles Taylor, was working as a consultant with the internal medicine unit at the country’s largest hospital, the John F. Kennedy Memorial Medical Center in Monrovia.

After falling ill with Ebola, he was taken to a treatment center on the outskirts of the capital, where he died, said Tolbert Nyenswah, an assistant health minister.

Under the supervision of health workers, family members escorted the doctor’s body to a burial location west of the city, Nyenswah said.

He added that another doctor who had been working in Liberia’s central Bong County was also being treated for Ebola at the same center where Brisbane died.

The situation “is getting more and more scary,” Nyenswah said.

Sierra Leone’s top Ebola doctor fell ill with the disease last week.

There is no known cure for Ebola, which begins with symptoms including fever and sore throat but then escalates to vomiting, diarrhea and internal and external bleeding.

Experts believe the ongoing West Africa outbreak could have begun as far back as January in southeast Guinea, though the first cases weren’t confirmed until March.

Since then, officials have tried to contain the disease by isolating victims and educating populations on how to avoid transmission, though porous borders, satellite outbreaks and widespread distrust of health workers have made the outbreak difficult to bring under control.

Nigerian officials announced on Friday that a Liberian official died of Ebola after flying from Monrovia to Lagos. The official’s plane also stopped in Lome, Togo.

An outbreak in Lagos, a megacity where many lived in cramped conditions, could be a major public health disaster. It is not a theory – it is out of control – the outbreak in major cities is here – and idiots suggest it is easier to control in major cities – who are now rioting due to lack of government response to the plague. RIOTS and the out of control spread - just gets worse and worse as Doctors and High Level ministers charged to safe guard us – all die of it.

The fact that the traveler from Liberia could board an international flight also raised new fears that other passengers could take the disease beyond Africa.



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